Data centre & service agreements

Our servers are conveniently located in one of XS4ALL / KPN’s datacentres, DC2. The location is managed by KPN, operated by XS4ALL and follows every generally accepted security standard and working method. It’s directly connected to other XS4ALL datacentres, the AMS-IX and several major carriers as well as smaller peers.

SLA – Service agreements
Hostice offers different types of service: Best-effort service, where we will always do our best to help you out as soon as possible. You can reach us via e-mail 24/7 and we will typically respond within a few hours or even minutes. Please be aware that although we are always there for our customers, best-effort does mean just that. We cannot guarantee we can help you within a specific timeframe.

Or, if you need more help and security we can offer you (pro-)active monitoring and service. Besides monitoring several aspects of your service and sending you e-mail/jabber alerts, you can catch us on jabber or call for assistance. We’ll make daily, weekly or monthly image-based backups of your data which we can use to restore your server if something went wrong. So even if you’re not an experienced system administrator, you can rest assured your service is being watched.

Service level agreements are only available with yearly contracts. Please contact us for a quote.