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A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is an affordable solution to have your own server without the hassle of a dedicated physical server. It’s flexible, expandable, portable and easier. And with Hostice you can host anything you want, as long as it’s legal under dutch law and doesn’t bother other customers. One could  think of all kinds of green and ideological arguments why one should run virtual instead of dedicated. The truth of the matter is simply, it’s cheaper and more sensible.

We offer Xen paravirtualization configurations with Debian or Ubuntu Linux. Full virtualization (hvm) is also available on request. With all our services you get exclusive resources. We do not over-sell or over-provision.

With all of these standard solutions you get at least 1 public IP address*, traffic usage insight and best-effort e-mail service. If you use IPv6 or have domains registered with us you also get access to our DNS editor. When you need or desire a more guaranteed service (a Service Level Agreement, SLA) or a special configuration please contact us for a quote.

* Several IPv4 addresses are available as needed. IPv6 ranges are handed out per /64. All of our services are IPv4 and IPv6 enabled.


By default, our Linux virtual private servers are based on Xen paravirtualisation. What this means is that they communicate with the Xen host system and provide near-metal performance. albeit overall performance is shared with other vps-users.

Xen vps servers come with their own exclusive specifications. A Xen vps doesn’t share RAM, disk or swap space like many other solutions do. Your memory is your memory and your disk is exclusively yours. No burstable anything, no thin provisioned disks or maybe-specs. The only things you share are the cpu cycles and network/io cabling. No worries about others using up your resources. You know what you have.

As a rule we provide Debian stable or Ubuntu LTS as your operating system. But we can offer other operating systems with yearly agreements and SLA’s. All of our VPS offerings come with pygrub to give you full control over your machine’s updates, boot options and kernel.