Service and Consulting

Whatever you’re flying through the clouds, it’s going to have to come down at some point.

Whether you’re flying a little Beechcraft or a 777.  It’ll come down eventually. Whether it comes crashing or because you want it to. You’re going to need some help at some point. And when you do, you want service. What’s more, you want actual hands-on service.
That’s why this picture illustrates perfectly what Hostice is all about. It’s exactly what we do at Hostice. Actual hands-on service. Nothing less.

And if you need it to go further than that, we’ll make it easy for you to upgrade to business class. We don’t do just hosting. We do Hostice.

Besides hosting your server or application we’re always happy to offer consultation on anything relating our to products. You might find yourself in a situation where you need a third party to give you some fresh insight. Or maybe your own systems administrator can use a bit of help. If you want us to, we’re there to explore that. And we might just be able to help you with your specific problem or at least refer you to one of our partners.